15815 Yonge Street, Aurora, ON L4G1P4
Art gallery in Aurora Ontario
The McAlpine Gallery is an exhibit space in Aurora for emerging and established artists selected by the Society of York Region Artists.

The McAlpine Gallery is located in the Lincoln showroom at McAlpine Ford Lincoln 15815 Yonge Street Aurora Ontario (map).

Current Exhibit

Eva Folks
August 25th 2017 to October 31st 2017
The McAlpine Art Gallery Aurora Ontario
Eva Folks

Eva Folks is a full time visual artist living in Aurora, ON.

This exhibit is from her Cruizin' Series of whimsical paintings. Much
thought is put into researching specific features of each car and making
them identifiable to the viewer. Characters are added, many of whom are
inspired by people she has met who suit the selected car and the selected
title, creating a play on words.

Since 2011, she has participated in a variety of juried shows and
exhibitions, including the Downtown Festival of the Arts in Naples Florida.
I have clients in Canada, the United States, Australia, Great Britain and
South America, as well as gallery representation in both Canada and the
United States.

Website: www.evafolks.com

Past Exhibit

Lucy Quintero
June 15th 2017 to Aug 24th 2017
Paintings and fine art gallery in York Region
Lucy Quintero

A native of Colombia, Lucy grew up enjoying the mountains, the forest and
the tropical beaches where she found a great appreciation for nature. In
high school she was interested in many forms of art and later, when she
received a degree in Architecture, her passion for art focused on oil
painting. After graduating, she has attended private classes with different
teachers and also participated in workshops to improve her skills.

Lucy's work is very diverse, richly colored with a wide variety of subjects
and has been sold in Colombia, Canada and USA.

Now, living in Canada, she finds inspiration in the endless wonder of the
seasons and the beautiful scenery that Canada has to offer.

Art gallery in Aurora Ontario

Past Exhibit

Mary Morganelli
April 1st 2017 to May 31st 2017
art gallery in york region artwork
Mary Morganelli

Mary began her journey as a Canadian artist when she arrived in Toronto from
her hometown in Italy at age six.

Her passion for drawing and painting surfaced at an early age and she
excelled in high school art classes.

Often her work reflects an outpouring of her heart onto the canvas. Mary
has been featured in newspapers and magazine articles on her Alzheimer
painting "Forget Not" created from the sorrow of watching her father suffer
from the disease. The Alzheimer Society used this inspirational piece to
bring awareness to this dreadful disease.

Mary paints a variety of subjects and mediums which she shares with the
world in Mariellart Gallery.

Art gallery in Aurora Ontario

Past Exhibit

Hans Backer
Feb 1st 2017 to March 31st 2017
art gallery in york region
Hans Backer
Hans Backer photographs a wide range of subjects that capture his interest.
He has an eye for seeing everyday things in a unique perspective, eliciting
a sense of peace and harmony in the world around him. He finds beauty in all
he sees, whether grains of sand on a beach, a weathered old door, or the
fresh bloom of a flower awaiting the promise of spring.

Hans has worked in the photo industry for over 35 years. Photography has
been a passion of Hans' since the day he purchased his first camera in 1966.
Over the years, Hans has been a guest speaker at several camera clubs across
Ontario sharing both his knowledge of products and passion for photography.

Past Exhibit

Darlene Winfield
Dec 1st 2016 to January 31st 2017
Art gallery in Aurora Ontario
Darlene Winfield
Darlene has traveled the world over extensively, working in advertising in Mexico and fundraising for the UN while in Indonesia. While abroad, she spent time drawing and studying art and art history. These experiences brought her a new understanding of the world and our place in it. Upon returning to a traditional life in Canada she felt compelled to continue her exploration of art. She now paints the rugged beauty of the Canadian landscape exclusively.

Past Exhibit

Oct 3rd 2016 to December 1st 2016
art gallery in york region
Ralph Brunner

Ralph Brunner is internationally known for his outstanding nature photography and was honored by the Photographic Society of America with a PSA Associate ship for his contribution to photography. Twice a President of the Toronto Camera Club he was made an Honorary Life Member for his contribution to club activities. In addition Ralph is also a forty year member of the Toronto Focal Forum, a prestigious photographic print group.

His photographic travel over the years includes both the Arctic and the Antarctic, but he has a special affinity for the deserts of the US South West. His work has been published in both German and North American books such as Discovery’s ‘Birds of Canada’ and periodicals such as Camera Canada, Cottage Country, Halcyon and Photo Life.

Past Exhibit

Linda Langerak
August 2nd 2016 to Sept 30th 2016
art gallery in Newmarket area
Linda Langerak

Linda Langerak is an abstract visual artist with over 25 years of painting &
photography experience. She creates one-of-a-kind originals that are filled
with passion, energy and vibrant colour, and limited edition photographs.
Her work is very psychological in nature. They are an intimate and
personal expression of how she feels.

Linda was born and raised on beautiful Vancouver Island, in Victoria,
British Columbia, before moving to Toronto, Ontario at the age of 18, armed
with a scholarship in art.

Past Exhibit

Linda Welch
June 1st 2016 to July 31st 2016
Art in Aurora Ontario
Linda Welch
Linda Welch is a York Region photographer and artist with a clear appreciation for colour, pattern and light. Sources of inspiration for her eclectic interests range from vanishing rural landscapes to exotic scenes from her travels. Linda intuitively captures unique moments in time which trigger a memory, tell a story or uncover the beauty within the mundane.
Since 2013, Linda has organized and led artist painting and photography tours for groups to Southern France, Ireland adding Spain in 2017.
Primarily self-taught, Linda has studied street photography and travel photography in various exotic locations around the world. She is president of the Society of York Region Artists, an Honorary Director for Arts Society King, and Past President of Kingcrafts Studio.
In her professional life, Linda taught secondary school Media Literacy, Animation, Computer Graphics and Television Studio Production with York Region School Board.

Past Exhibit

Donna Greenstein
April 1st 2016 to May 31st 2016
Art gallery in York Region
Donna Greenstein
It's easy to tell that Donna Greenstein loves animals. She grew up helping in her dad's animal hospital tending pets. Horses and dogs were her art subjects from the time she was young and Donna spent all the money she earned from Babysitting to go to horse stables on weekends. In 1974 Donna and her husband moved to their 50 acre organic cow-calf farm south of Schomberg, Ontario.
Donna started painting precise watercolour botanicals, progressed to bird subjects and then on to farm life. Donna is a member of the Botanical Artists of Canada, the Society of York Region Artists, she paints with Kaleidoscope and is an executive member of the Schomberg Horticultural Society.
In 2004 Donna shown in the McMichael Autumn Art Show in Kleinburg, Studio Tour King and Schomberg Street Gallery
Donna is represented by Ethel Curry Gallery in Haliburton, Ontario and Gallery 21 in Tottenham.
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