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Your pets are welcome at McAlpine Ford

Dog Of The Week

Dogs in car showroom Toronto GTA

Vivian was in getting an oil change on her Escape recently and brought Nova & Halley along for the ride. Read what Vivian sent below and congrats to Nova & Halley for being our Dogs of The Week.

We travel from Toronto to your location because we simply love the customer service we get from you. Last December, we traded in a Fusion for an Escape just to accommodate our dogs. We had Halley first, but 3 days after purchasing the Escape, we thought we could add another one, and so we adopted Nova. I often joke that it's their car because the car goes wherever the dogs go.

Together, they have a raw dog food company called B.A.R.F. Bento where we portion, cater and deliver a wholesome healthy meal to dogs in Toronto and the GTA. Here is their facebook page.

Dog Of The Week

Dog in a Ford F-150. Dealership showroom

Darlene & Lester were in our showroom looking at F-150's and they seem to be leaning toward an XLT model. Their lovely dog Oreo seems to think that the top of the line Platinum model is more his style. In the picture above we think Oreo is reminding us that checking your mirrors is very important...or maybe Oreo is just checking himself out in the Platinum. You're looking good Oreo and you're our Dog of The Week.

Dog Of The Week

Toronto GTA Ford Lincoln dealer dogs in the showroom

While Sally was purchasing a new Ford Escape, Beezie & Lucy were busy making new friends in our huge 22 car showroom. Sometimes you have to take a break which is what they're doing in the picture above. Beezie & Lucy you are McAlpine Ford's Dogs of The Week.

Dog Of The Week

Art Gallery in York Region Aurora

Recently Jason Thorne, who is a salesperson here at McAlpine, and his wife Lauren stopped in on Jason's day off. They were accompanied by their beagle Jack. It seems Jack has a creative streak as he was quite interested in the artwork on display in the McAlpine Gallery here at the dealership. We are going to call Jack our Artistic Dog of The Week. Come back soon Jack as the McAlpine Gallery has a new SOYRA artist every two months.

Dog Of The Week

Ford Lincoln dealer in toronto area that allows dogs

Excuse me, can I ask you a question? Sure Henry, ask away. Henry was in with Natalie and her mother Mary looking at Escapes recently. How great is it for a Ford dealership to have their Dog of The Week named Henry. See you soon Henry! You're always welcome.

Dog Of The Week

Dog friendly Lincoln dealership

Meet Harley, Sunny and Chris McIntosh. These happy customers were in picking up their new F-150. Harley and Sunny are looking forward to their first drive in the new truck as is Chris we're sure. Thanks for your business Chris. Harley and Sunny you are our Dogs of The Week.

Dog Of The Week

GTA Ford Lincoln Dealership that is dog friendly

This is Wesley, an 8 month old Lab that loves meeting new friends. Wesley came in with Greg & Alex who were picking up their new Fusion. As you can see behind Wesley they are not only Ford fans but Leaf fans too. Way to go Wesley. You are our Dog of The Week.

Dog Of The Week

Ford dealerships in the GTA

Hi there! My name is Tiffy and I'm 8 years old. I came in with Janet to have an oil change done on our Ford Focus. Not only did I have fun hanging around in the Quick Lane waiting area I've been told I'm going to be the Dog of The Week. Life's great at McAlpine Ford.

Dog Of The Week

Pet friendly car dealership Ford Lincoln

Jessie was in with Don Finlay recently and had a grand tour of the McAlpine Showroom. Nice to meet you Jessie and you are our Dog of The Week.

Dog Of The Week

Pet friendly car dealership

Hey Mickey pull up a chair and feel at home. Mickey was in with Manon & Adam while their Escape was in service. Mickey is our Dog of The Week. Way to go Mickey!

Dog Of The Week

Dog friendly dealership in Aurora York Region

This little girl is 5 year old Mini. Mini weighs in at a whopping 3 pounds but for such a little dog she sure commands a lot of attention. Mini was in with Cheryl getting an oil change on their Mustang. Congrats Mini, you are the McAlpine Ford Lincoln dog of the Week!

Dog Of The Week

Dog friendly car dealership in York Region

Brad Tredwell, who is one of our technicians brought his 7 month old pup Boulder to work last week. Boulder seemed very interested in seeing where Dad disappears to every day and meeting the people he works with. Boulder is McAlpine Ford's Dog of the Week!

Dog Of The Week

Dog of the week at McAlpine Ford Lincoln Aurora

Well it looks like Kayla has made another friend. Ginger came in with Maryanne & Jim who were buying a new Fusion. Ginger and Kayla found each other and became best pals. Ginger is 17 years old (yes that's right 17 years old) and is McAlpine Ford's Dog of the Week!

Dog Of The Week

Ford dealer york region dog of the week

Daisy is just 2 months old and quiet as a mouse. Daisy was in with her mom Angie getting an oil change on their Ford Escape. Daisy is our youngest dog of the week to date. Be sure to bring your dog in when visiting McAlpine Ford Lincoln. As you can see we are a dog friendly dealership.

Dog Of The Week

mcalpine ford dog of the week 2017

Angel came in with Laura & Mat when they were picking up their new F-150. Angel is a nine year old Doberman and we could all see where her name came from. Congrats Angel you are McAlpine's dog of the week.

Dog Of The Week

Kayla Pardy McAlpine Ford with Wrigley dog of the week.

Wrigley, a 9 week old Corgi, came into our showroom with his owner Stephanie while their Escape was getting an oil change. As soon as our sales rep Kayla Pardy saw Wrigley it was love at first sight. So much so that we had to include Kayla in our dog of the week picture.

Dog Of The Week

Dog friendly car dealership

Maggie came in with Paul to buy some parts. Before she new it Maggie was getting her picture taken as our dog of the week! Congrats Maggie.

Dog Of The Week

Dog of the week McAlpine Ford

Meet Dexter, a soft and friendly visitor who came in with Marilyn getting an oil change on their Edge in Quick Lane. Dexter is our dog of the week!

Dog Of The Week

Dog Of The Week

It was a snow day in Aurora and Ricco was dressed for the occasion. Ricco was in with Steve Lawton getting some work done on their F-150. Keep warm Ricco and enjoy being our dog of the week!

Dog Of The Week


Ozzie was in with Christine getting an oil change on their Ford Edge. Ozzie is our Christmas dog of the week!

Dog Of The Week


Is that a popcorn machine I hear? Maxwell was in for a visit this week and was the star of the show. Making new friends and having a great time in the showroom at McAlpine Ford Lincoln.

Dog Of The Week


Meet Merlin who was in today with Suzanne picking up a new Escape. Merlin is a very ambitious fellow as he would like to be Dog of The Year. We're all rooting for you Merlin but for now you're the Dog of The Week.

Dog Of The Week


Today we had a visit with 4 month old German Shepherd Jake and his owner Marilyn who were getting an oil change in Quick Lane. We hope Marilyn brings Jake in every 10,000 km so we can watch him grow. See ya soon Jake!


Bill Owen picked up his new Escape today and brought 3 year old Marley with him. Marley called shotgun for the ride home.


This fellow's name is Gunnar. We were all amazed at his incredible eyes. You just never know who you'll meet in the McAlpine showroom.

General Sales Manager

Our General Sales Manager, Randy Winstone, brought his dog Finnegan in to work recently. Finnegan spent his visit guarding Randy's office while he worked.

Andrew Sawyer

Our Financial Services Manager, Andrew Sawyer is seen here having a heart to heart talk with George in the Lincoln showroom. We suspect Andrew was talking up the benefits of interior protection for a dog owners vehicle.


Deena Hampton was in the McAlpine Ford showroom while her vehicle was in for maintenance. Deena's friend is Leo, who has a fascinating coat that looks like a leopard, was actively looking around the showroom making new friends.

Dog of the week McAlpine Ford GTA Ford dealer

Catherine Shand and Peter Lambros were in our showroom recently with River and Echo. This friendly pair won the hearts of customers and staff here at McAlpine.


Recently we had a K9 Internet star in our showroom. Hudson has 16,000 followers on Instagram which you can visit here. Don Dupuis, our service manager helps Hudson with his Instagram page.


Dan Acchione has been servicing his vehicles at McAlpine for over 20 years. Today he brought his pal Peyton along. Such a friendly little guy!


Roman's dog Max is keeping an eye open for Roman's customers in the showroom. I wonder if Roman will pay Max a bird-dog for each customer. :)

pup Benji

The Muegge's were looking at a new vehicle and brought their pup Benji. It seems that Benji has no trouble making friends as customers and staff members were drawn to Benji's personality.


Max was in visiting us here at McAlpine last week.

Dennis and his companion Remington

Dennis has been servicing his vehicles at McAlpine for many years. His companion Remington is well known by all McAlpine staff. It's always a pleasure to see them.

Ken Cox

Ken Cox was in looking at a new F-150 and Tally was by his side the whole time.

Tally especially liked the popcorn in the showroom!


On our sale day April 14th Steve & Debbie MacKay were in for service and brought Charlie along. Charlie was the star of the show and is our first Dog of The Week.

Congrats Charlie!

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